Active Investment Decisions

Our experience lies in investment management and financial intermediary services with over 40 years of collective knowledge in establishing and operating a variety of investment activities.

Previous Investment experience has included Pension Fund management, Absolute Return, Proprietary leveraged trading, and Market Making a variety of Investment Vehicles and across Global markets.

Accordingly, we are able to support investment professionals in considering issues such as Tactical Asset Allocation strategies, Portfolio risk management and capturing alpha through optimal transaction management.

Importantly we are able to work closely with investment professionals on a bespoke chosen portfolio universe or apply our unique analysis to identify investment opportunities that may lie outside an existing portfolio.

We are able to define very clearly the terms of our service and deliver the results on a daily basis to our subscribers in accordance with this agreement.

Whether it is a niche portfolio in a large management structure or an outsourced function for smaller operations we are able to support a range of investment services providing insight which is driven by our commitment to consistency, evidence and objectivity.