Advisers & Wealth Managers

Our Heatmap and Tactical Asset Allocator tools are designed for the Adviser who wishes to take a more pro-active role in the allocation of his/her Clients Assets.

Following on from the crucial Client risk profiling, confidently progress to the next challenging stage of how you realise the suitability of your assessment to the investment vehicle of your choice but with the confidence that it is aligned to your client’s Investment Objectives, Attitude to Risk, Investment Horizons and Investment Focus.

Involved in statistical modelling for financial services for over 20 yrs, now through our new easy to use Sinergi’ Tactical Asset Allocation dashboards you can access an immediate and contemporary investment insight that was previously out of reach to the IFA. Crucially,our analysis is updated daily and referenced to the previous week allowing you to consider timely recommendations.

By taking the time to understand where your client portfolio is focused you can compare current performance with alternative opportunities.

Navigate your way through 3 different Equity Risk rated Portfolios (Lower 0-35%), Medium (20-60%) and Higher (40-85%) equities. Use the simple to uae Sinergi HeatMap Index (-6 to +6) to support Capital preservation decisions and quickly spot the potential need for action on behalf of your clients.

Our Heatmap and Tactical Asset Allocator analysis is aligned to Quarterly and semi-annual decision reviews and to avoid needless churning of portfolios.

Ultimateley, as the asset allocator, it will increasingly fall to the Adviser to link the objectives of their client with the general strategy of the selected investment manager. The consistency and objectivity of our analysis provides a guide for the Adviser as they take responsibility for this vital role.