Our Philosophy

Blending Skills & Expertise

Sinergi Management blends the skills and experience of its founders Gerry O’Neill as a former Portfolio Manager, Systematic trader and Keith Reid as auditor and accountant. With a mutual respect for the importance of evidence in any decision making process they have developed wider applications for Sinergi’s proprietary experience.

Our Dashboards

Our flexible user friendly Dashboards are produced using a combination of specialist trading platform technology, advanced “in-memory” data analysis and importantly, previous trading experience developed and back-tested over twenty years in a variety of capital markets.

Delivered straight to your Browser and available in just a few Clicks the “User experience” will change your business allowing you to spend more time with your Clients. Try it here

Quickly locate the information that is important to you and your business. Confidently navigate through “financial noise” and get to the evidence that affects you and your Clients assets

Demonstrate the independence of evidence and the suitability of your recommendations

Our modular approach allows you to access what you need, pay only for what you want and upgrade as you wish

Discipline, Objectivity and Evidence

Passionate about quantitative and evidenced based decision making as opposed to the normal subjective market analysis, Sinergi combine powerful data analysis solutions and are able to identify similar qualifying Sinergi criteria across Geographical regions, Asset Classes, Equity Sectors and even at instrument level.

It was with these advances in data management that we effectively realised that we had more opportunity than we could handle and that the scope of our analysis could be more relevant for a broader base of users.

A conventional investment management strategy might seriously consider a universe of 50 -100 investment instruments whereas we were beginning to generate insight across a broad universe of thousands of investments.

Our research does not look for a narrative or story as to justify price action and we have “No View” on the market and we do not predict. We leave this to you and alternative sources of research. Accordingly, we are able to provide research that is disciplined and forms a basis for challenging or validating other sources of market information.

W Buffet?..............Yes and No

Like Mr Buffet we place the same emphasis on capital preservation as the key to creating the opportunity for compounding value. We also believe that an investment professional has a fundamental responsibility to take steps to capture and preserve investment growth on behalf of their client.

There are many different investment strategies. However, we believe that the most effective are the strategies that demonstrate consistency and clarity of purpose when faced with the volatility of markets.

We are not seeking the absolute highs or lows of every price cycle but effectively trying to identify superior risk adjusted investment and trading opportunities aligned with the users or his/her Clients’ Risk Appetite, Investment Objectives, Investment Focus, and Investment Time horizons.

Like Warren Buffet, we do not know what will happen in any market on any particular day but we do know what we will do in these circumstances.

Unlike Warren Buffet, we will take action having done our homework and he will sit tight having done his homework.

Like Warren Buffet, we have conducted the same amount of research and analysis, continuously monitoring and back-testing its effectiveness, to demonstrate that we can identify and capitalise on significant market opportunities.

For those technically inclined

For those that are more technically minded, we are keen to emphasize that our proprietary tools have been translated in to a simple series of easy to use quantitative indicators.

The underlying analysis is multi-dimensional and combines Trend following, Mean reversion and Contrarian methodologies back-tested over 15 years of market data.

Sinerg minimises the inherent “lagging” pitfalls of conventional momentum/stochastic trading that may only have an increasing degree of validity in persistent trending markets, only to “break down” when markets trade sideways.

Our combination of systems and proprietary knowledge is applied to data mine millions of sets of data diversified over multiple time horizons. Crucially, this framework is dynamic and responds appropriately to changes in market volatility and also highlights changes in asset class correlations.

This detail is evidenced in our standardised market commentary, which expands on the quantitative HeatMap Score relating to particular market behaviour by referencing not just the trend but also the rate of change in the trend across both investment and trading time frames.

We can demonstrate clearly that we understand the pitfalls of ‘Curve fitting’ and ‘Forward looking bias’

In emphasising back-testing and statistical evaluation in our modelling we provide market analysis that has demonstrated both success in detecting and exploiting price action on historical data that is robust and offers, as much as any model can, the highest probability of continuing to be so in the future

  • Gerry O’Neill
    Gerry O’NeillDirector
    A former Head of Trading at ABN Amro, Gerry has extensive experience in Portfolio management and Systematic trading roles. Passionate about data and evidenced based decision making he has recently advanced his systematic approach to investment analysis using Qlikview “associative search” functionality to consolidated large disparate data sets in memory, to format and present data as meaningful management information in the Sinergi Investment Compass.
  • Keith Reid
    Keith ReidDirector
    Keith’s training as an accountant and auditor has emphasized the importance of evidence in all good decision making process. The ability to monitor management processes effectively is a key to making the most of business opportunities. Both Keith and Gerry believe that this priority for capital preservation is the common principle that sets the framework for any sound investment strategy or business model.