For Advisers – The Investment Compass

We have deliberately focused on refining the content of our reports to make them an effective weekly market briefing which can be read and filtered as part of a day to day working practice to focus on chosen objectives.

Our base service includes:

  • Unique ID access to the Sinergi Portal.
  • Access to LIVE Tactical Asset Allocation Model and the Sinergi Heatmap
  • Access to our historic Tactical Asset Allocation Model database
  • Ability to customise your own individual Portfolio starting with asset classes, geographic markets and industry sectors represented by actively traded instruments.
  • Hundreds of instruments providing tactical insight for both the content of client portfolios and importantly alternative opportunities.

We want to support you as you interpret our analysis for your specific purposes, which we aim to do through a series of webinars.

As you become familiar with our Heatmap Index you will be able to reduce client exposure to underperforming markets and steadily guide them towards better sectors and associated investment managers.

With an entry level price of £1,950 plus VAT per annum we will help you to keep a watchful eye on current trends and help you achieve the primary purpose of capital preservation and ultimately the opportunity to compound positive growth for your clients.

For Risk Management and Compliance

Between the role of the adviser and that of the investment manager we are able to support client advisory services and compliance functions overseeing daily market activities. Drilling down past the trend analysis of our Heatmap Index we focus on individual securities and risk adjusted price points.

Building on the original base our services include:

  • Username/Password access to the Sinergi Portal.
  • Access to our Daily Broker Ladders and risk adjusted price points
  • Access to our daily market volatility analysis
  • Increasing Coverage to market components underlying asset classes, geographic markets and industry sectors represented by actively traded instruments.
  • With hundreds of instruments we are able to provide insight for the management of daily transactions and compliance oversight of market activity.

For active investment professionals we allow subscribers to develop a modular approach to increasing market coverage with the ability to consider and advise actively both on the content of client portfolios and just as importantly the alternative opportunities.

For Active Decision Makers

Our bespoke services are focused on active investment management.

Our services include:

  • Access to Heatmap, Tactical Asset Allocator and Broker Ladder modules
  • Access to a bespoke Active Management module

We work closely with clients to establish a portfolio for their purposes.

Key features include:

  • Identifying unique risk adjusted transaction opportunities
  • Detailed portfolio structuring services
  • Unique filter services to identify market opportunities both within and outside a portfolio universe

As your service requirements become more complex we are able to work closely with your investment team to develop and deliver both online/offline service solutions.