Performance (% ytd) is Historic and, in itself, has no bearing on future performance.

Sinergi’s proprietary models and Reports, however, are real time and could be invaluable for any Adviser, Wealth Manager or Investment Committee to gain an “edge”, based on rigorous statistical back testing, in understanding Market behaviour, Market Timing, or Tactical Asset allocation.

Despite being highly unpopular in the mainstream Media, the Bank Index in Week 7 still  scored a respectable +3  (range -6 to +6) on the Sinergi Heatmap Index and “Overweight” in the Sinergi TACT Index. The Euro crisis may have dragged the Index of Banks down but if you drill down in to the Ftse 100, amongst the best performers you will find Barclays (+4) and Lloyds TSB (+5) during the same period.  Notably Sinergi Heatmap weakest scores of (-5) and (-6)  have been seen in the Telecoms Index during this period. We recently met one of last years best performing Funds in 2011 who was still very overweight in Telecoms in Q1. Knowing where your chosen Manager is, in relation to current market performance, provides insight that allows you to ask the questions your clients will want explained…see  When to drop an underperforming Fund?

The Sinergi solutions  are cost effective  and may also help by providing evidence for key areas of Compliance, including Portfolio Value at Risk (VAR) and monitoring un-expected changes in Volatility arising suddenly from eg-Geo-Political risk. Look for future blog items expanding on the effects of excess market volatility and spotting the signs.

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Keith Reid
Keith Reid
Keith’s training as an accountant and auditor has emphasized the importance of evidence in all good decision making process. The ability to monitor management processes effectively is a key to making the most of business opportunities. Both Keith and Gerry believe that this priority for capital preservation is the common principle that sets the framework for any sound investment strategy or business model.