Governance & Financial Oversight

Long term investment objectives are achieved by sound Investment decisions and underpinned with a healthy commitment for Capital preservation. To further maximise compounding and growth opportunities, quite often “knowing what not to do” can equally be more effective in preserving and growing capital than the more obvious successful purchases.

However, these laudable long term goals cannot be achieved without being underpinned with prudent money management disciplines, checks and balances, and a effective financial oversight.

Learn the lessons from the 2008 which uncovered many failures at both Corporate and Regulatory levels. The explosion of Volatility and breakdown in Asset correlations was historic and previously “fool proof” Risk and VAR models were proven ineffective..

Now, with Sinergi’s unique Dashboard solution, spot potentially unwelcome shifts in the Volatility landscape and its potential daily effects on your Clients exposure to Asset Classes, Sectors and even Instruments using Sinergi’s twice 1 day Annualised Volatility barometer.

Our analysis can be tailored effectively and delivered across an organisation to individual desktops providing a platform for consistency of transactions or client facing advice.