Position sizing and Managing Volatilty – key elements of Portfolio success.

Hi all ! Over the coming months, through our Heatmap and TACT reports, we will provide a regular statistical insight on the changing face of market volatility across a range of Asset classes, Markets, Industry Sectors and occasionally at the individual Stock level.

We are keen that subscribers to our reports get a greater feel for the effect of volatility on portfolio performance. Specifically, we want to develop the links between managing volatility and the client’s tolerance for portfolio losses.

By constantly identifying significant changes in volatility, Sinergi hope to increase our members understanding of some of the key components of asset management strategies. Clearly we believe it is important to expand on our report content as we grow, drawing new participants to the Sinergi HeatMap and TACT reports, click here along with our Webinar meetings.

Volatility, whilst providing opportunity for “active” management strategies practiced by many fund managers , see SLI’s Richard Batty recent Blog “Volatunity” can also, if not monitored, quickly contribute to unforeseen and or unexpected risks for your clients.

Through our regularly updated Sinergi  and TACT reports, we aim to change the perception of volatility from one associated with unwanted risks to a more confident understanding of your fund manager, his strategies and general market behaviour.

We look forward to developing our reports through your comments and feedback………

Keith Reid
Keith Reid
Keith’s training as an accountant and auditor has emphasized the importance of evidence in all good decision making process. The ability to monitor management processes effectively is a key to making the most of business opportunities. Both Keith and Gerry believe that this priority for capital preservation is the common principle that sets the framework for any sound investment strategy or business model.