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“A completely fresh approach to investment decision making: Whether you are an Adviser, Investment Manager, Broker or Risk Manager, confidently navigate Global Markets, Asset Class Sectors, and Industry types and choose the solution for your business. Simple, cost effective, available in a few clicks, timely financial insight that was previously out of reach is delivered straight to your Browser”.
Who is Sinergi for?

Allows the adviser to embrace the role of tactical asset allocator. Secure and grow business relationships by learning how we can simplify and improve your investment decision making when arranging, allocating and monitoring your clients’ funds.

The discipline and consistency of our analysis lends itself to supporting risk management and financial oversight functions. Protect your Clients Assets and avoid a repeat of 2008. Use our analysis to spot unwelcome shifts in the Volatility landscape and evaluate current portfolio decisions more clearly by referencing current to historic market activity.

Customise your own Investment universe and generate superior risk adjusted trading opportunities with our Active Management model with Sinergi’s Trend following, Mean Reversion & Contrarian Systematic Trading Models covering Asset Class, Sectors and Instruments for your chosen time horizon.

Cost Effective Solutions

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With a unique modular approach to our subscription service we are able to deliver analysis more finely tuned to the individual budget. Our web browser allows the user to search, filter and report not only on portfolio content but more importantly to consider potential portfolio content.

Our pricing is simple and transparent. Starting with an annual subscription fee of £1,950 plus VAT per annum you can select relevant modules to support your general tactical asset allocation, overall risk management and ultimately individual investment decisions.

Pay only for what you need as we offer out the box packages along with bespoke services.

Our primary purpose in all circumstances is capital preservation allowing the greatest opportunity for the successful investor to compound growth. The objectivity and consistency of our methodology removes all but the most fundamental assumptions from influencing your decision making process.

You can be assured that the fundamental assumptions applied in the Sinergi methodology have not only been developed or fine-tuned over many years but also have been back-tested extensively before the results are included in any of our services.

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