Bespoke risk management models for select investment professionals

Daily and weekly market insight delivered for improved investment decision making

What we Offer

We provide the tools to reduce the type of reactive decision making that erodes portfolio value.

Our systematic investment analysis promotes consistency over time and across portfolios, helping our clients to reduce transaction costs and improve investment decision making.

By improving our client’s awareness of  “what not to do” in turbulent markets we help them to focus on making fewer and better investment decisions.

Regular Market Summaries

Market and sector analysis

Investment Insights

Navigating Rising Costs in Investments

With the rising interest rates and inflationary cost pressures of post pandemic markets, margins are tightening and funding costs are increasingly impacting portfolios. 

Investment professionals need to  work harder or smarter to retain their position with clients and are being driven to prove that their chosen strategy adds value at all times.

Behind the headline of investment performance, the wealth management industry is compelled to evidence that they are able to achieve optimal transaction prices, and associated costs on behalf of the clients.

The importance of effective timing and tools to evidence risk awareness on the part of the investment professional are increasingly key to issues of compliance and long term client retention.

Our Objective

We would like to introduce clients to a more considered approach for investment decision making.

Our systematic analytical models emphasize evidenced based decision making and have proven highly effective across markets, sectors, and instruments through extended investment cycles.

Wherever you might invest in listed instruments and whatever investment horizon you are considering we would like to work with you to create a bespoke portfolio risk management solution.

What do we offer?

We are a small team of seasoned investment market professionals that pride ourselves in working closely with our clients to deliver:

A formal weekly summary of markets

Wealth managers are now being challenged to demonstrate value for money as part of their “consumer duty”. In addition to justifying charges and service quality there is more focus on the advisers’ obligation to manage investment risk and return.

Access to a platform of market, sector, and single instrument analysis

Our comprehensive market coverage and robust risk management model allows our clients to place investment performance in context as market risks vary over time.

Daily exceptions reporting service where we can draw client attention to key events

Our analysis is focused on limiting the risk accepted in markets to achieve a client objective. Our clients can use our market risk product to understand when the risk exposure of their selected investment strategy may be changing.

The primary purpose of our service is to prevent an investment strategy being exposed to increased and unplanned market risks.


Extensive product coverage on the following:

Fixed Income

Timescales (Daily,Weekly,Monthly)

Indices (FTSE,AIM,S&P)

Market Sectors

Geographic Regions





How can Sinergi risk models help my fund selection process?

We can work with a wealth management client to identify a portfolio of active investments (such as ETFs) representing the markets or sectors that their suite of fund solutions is focused on.

Our weekly regime scores represent periods of similar risk across different markets and sectors. We are not concerned so much with the scale of movement in each sector as much as the nature of the movement at the point in time. This allows the client to consider the relative risk of different fund types at each point in time.

While each of the 12 stages of our index is a unique category of risk features, most investments do not vary wildly from week to week. As a result, by looking at broader groups of these scores, (+3 to +6), (+2 to -2), and most importantly (-3 to -6) we aggregate the risk measurement into broader periods of 9 – 12 weeks.

Because our scoring is updated on a weekly basis, at these levels our wealth management clients can consider a rolling quarterly view of market performance. The effect is that we always provide a snapshot of the market when it is needed to support:

  • Initiating a new fund portfolio;
  • Conducting a periodic fund portfolio review; and
  • Occasionally, taking corrective action to preserve portfolio value.

Importantly, our wealth management clients are no longer limited to a traditional March, June, September, December calendar driven performance update and review process.

There is no single investment model for success, why would I subscribe to the Sinergi service?

We distinguish what we do from the activities of algorithmic trading strategies or “black boxes” that are designed by the author to generate buy and sell action points tailored to a single portfolio objective.

Our full-service portfolio risk model interprets the combination of regime scores, rotation signals, and risk ladders as a weekly service with scope for a daily update.

However, we have taken time to break down this approach and segregate the key components so that they can be incorporated into a wider range of risk management strategies. We meet individual client needs by:

  • Defining a specific portfolio taking into consideration our clients’ investment horizons and objectives;
  • Providing a history of the regime scores, rotation signals, and risk laddering for back testing;
  • Delivering our proprietary data on a daily or weekly subscription basis.

Importantly we can deliver content for consumption in different formats as a raw data file, pdf reporting, or through a web portal as a tailored subscription service.

In effect we don’t have a single service as much as we can provide a unique combination of market coverage, investment horizon, risk management tools, and content delivery for each client.

How much do I have to pay for a Sinergi service?

We price our services on several factors, but it is safe to say that it is a function of the resources required to set up and deliver a “model” along with the scalability of the final subscriber base.

Our existing client base includes, asset managers, brokerages, hedge funds, and financial advisors with each client receiving a tailored service in terms of frequency, market coverage and dashboard content.

We have recently invested in our own data infrastructure so that we can deliver more content in a wider variety of formats to meet the needs of individual clients or defined subscriber groups.

We don’t expect to cater for large subscriber groups as part of our preferred business model but we would be very happy to work with distributors of data or risk management content to develop tailored services and content that meet their own client groups, needs and objectives.

The next step

We provide a highly tailored service combining our data analytics and personal market reporting. To find out how we might tailor a solution for your organisation please contact us.